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BP Navigates Profit Loss Amid Falling Oil and Gas Prices
10 months ago

Understanding BP's Profit Dip in Q2 2023: Implications and Expectations

BP reports a steep profit fall in Q2 2023 due to lower oil and gas prices. This analysis dives into the implications for BP and the energy sector.

Unprecedented $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Apple in the UK
10 months ago

UK App Developers Sue Apple Over App Store Charges

Apple is being sued by over 1,500 UK app developers in a class-action lawsuit worth $1 billion. The lawsuit centers around the tech giant's controversial App Store fees and its alleged monopolistic practices.

First Solar's Deal with Energix Renewables Spurs Market Rally
11 months ago

Solar Energy Giant First Solar (FSLR) Signs Historic Deal with Energix Renewables, Boosting Stock Over 8%

First Solar signs a historic deal with Energix Renewables, boosting its shares over 8% and accelerating the growth of renewable energy industry globally.

Inflation Unfazed: Amazon's Prime Day 2023 Hits Record Sales
11 months ago

Record-Breaking Prime Day Sales: Amazon Defies Inflationary Pressures

Despite inflationary pressures, Amazon sets a new record with Prime Day 2023, achieving the highest single-day sales in its history.